Conversations With Spirits Q&A (group event)

Emma’s experience of working with spirits has taken her on an incredible journey. She has had many conversations with spirits and is often asked by her following about spirit world. This has always provided an interesting instagram LIVE and provided a lot of healing for her followers who were dealing with grief. So now is a chance to enjoy a safe, non judgmental, open environment where you can ask Emma the questions you are wanting to know about the spirit world in her pop up Converstations With Spirits Evenings.

Bring your friends and join Emma for this powerful experience which features a live Q&A evening of spirit within a sacred circle, this is a session filled with love, answers, spirit connections and a meditation.

Emma will answer your questions about spirits, the spirit world, spirit guides, how to work with spirit, the afterlife and so much more.

After some Sacred Cacao Emma will guide the group into a spirit meditation, where you will learn how to receive messages from spirits yourself. To close the evening, Emma will hold space for everyone to discuss if you wish. This is a beautiful evening where you will feel a deeper connection to spirit, bringing comfort in knowing that your loved ones on the other side are always with you.

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Sacred Sister Circles

The intention behind the Sacred Sister circles is to support you in remembering this ancient feminine practice so that you can tap into your power, awakening your intuition, and set intentions that support a life of passion.

There is magic within each woman, and that magic is our power. It is within the Sacred Sister Circle that we feel safe. It is safe to explore the depths of ourselves, to dream, to be seen, heard, and held. In this space, we remember our power, so we can share our stories, fears, and dreams. Life can try to suppress us of our magic so it is time to reclaim our magic and power within.

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