Throughout many of my 1.1 sessions with my clients, I am frequently asked how to work with the phases of the moon. This is the November edition of the monthly Moon Magic Workbooks which will only be available here.

Each month I will guide you through:

– The theme of the month

– Guidance about the New Moon, the Full Moon and how to work with their energy.

– Journal prompts for both phases

– Wellness affirmations for both phases

– A spell, ritual or exercise depending on the energy of the month for both phases.

Working with the moon helps me in so many ways, mainly it gives me time for a pause to go inwards, release the negativity, celebrate the good, manifest and reflect. By working with the energetics of the moon phases it can really help with launching new things, trying a practice or routine, or being still and reflective with rest.

I really hope you are inspired to try these workbooks, I wanted to provide you with something that didn’t tie you into a subscription or had membership fees, you can dip into whatever you feel called to.

This is a downloadable workbook for you to use digitally or print and keep.

After payment you will receive a link to download your copy.