About Emma

Emma’s work teaches us how to live back in alignment by reconnecting with ancient wisdoms from our ancestors. Rooted in the interconnectedness of the natural world and our inner selves, her teachings aim to rekindle our innate wisdom and purpose.

Globally recognised for her profound understanding of witchcraft, seasonal living, and her intuitive abilities, Emma empowers women from diverse backgrounds to realign with their inner truth, power, authenticity, and purpose. Through a blend of witchcraft, nature, spiritual teachings, and her transformative mentorship, Emma empowers women to transcend doubts, fears, and self-sabotage, leading them to embrace a more enchanting life.

Central to Emma’s mission is fostering a sense of sisterhood within communities. As a guiding light for women worldwide, her beautifully articulated guidance resonates with those navigating spiritual paths amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. Emma’s expertise in magical and spiritual development has garnered her acclaim, with appearances on esteemed platforms such as BBC, GB News,Talk TV and Heart FM, as well as The Mirror, The Guardian and UK festivals.

“I want to help women connect back to themselves and believe in magic, because magic has  saved my life.” 

Described as a real-life embodiment of Molly Weasley from Harry Potter, Emma exudes warmth, compassion, and inspiration. Her personal journey, marked by moments of stress, illness, grief, and self-discovery, has fuelled her mission to facilitate awakening in others. Emma is known for delivering her life-changing knowledge in an easy-to-understand and relatable way.


Emma released her first book
Find Your Soul Path: Discover the Magical Life Within
in October 2023.

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