Hello I’m Emma, a Witch, author, intuitive channel and an intuition teacher!

I am here to guide others to experience and trust their own intuition and connect to their soul purpose. Connecting others back to their soul, to live and learn from their heart space fully in the present, a place of continual growth instead of fear.

“We ALL have intuitive gifts. But we don’t all use these gifts because somewhere along the journey we were taught to mistrust ourselves or fear our gifts. We weren’t taught how to understand our inner worlds of thoughts, feelings, intuitive insights, connecting with an intelligent Universe, or how to listen to our souls. Your intuition never goes away, you just trained your attention away from it. You can learn to direct your attention back to this powerful inner knowing and fully trust it once again”

Emma is based in Cornwall UK, she has guided thousands of people around the globe with her most popular session the Guidance Medicine Reading®

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Find Your Soul Path: Discover the Magical Life Within

Find your Soul Path seamlessly blends spirituality with self-help as it seeks to give the reader the tools to begin to live in a more conscious way. Author and eclectic witch Emma Griffin shows the reader how to discover their soul-purpose and move through the world in a way that starts from a place of purpose and authenticity and allows that to radiate out. Starting in the home, all areas of life are explored, with mindfulness, intuition, and empowerment leading the way. A fantastic introduction to developing a spiritual practice, Find your Soul Path is a gentle exploration of the most easily accessible aspects of witchcraft presented – alongside genuinely helpful life advice – in a way that will appeal to those interested in new age spirituality and the role it can play in modern life.

The book is available in hard back, digital download or as an audio book.

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How you can work with me

This is both an intimate and potentially life changing experience. In a Guidance Medicine Reading® Emma delves deep into your soul and life’s path, reuniting you with your true authentic self.

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Enabling heart centred business owners, creatives, healers, teachers, psychics, and service based entrepreneurs to step into their business more fully, to grow their audience and expand their income.

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Soul Attunement focuses on realigning your mind, body and spirit via channeled guidance and reiki healing. Reiki and Crystal Healing Sessions restore the balance and flow of energy through the body.

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It can be difficult to make new connections and friendships, especially with like-minded women who feel like our tribe. With that in mind, Emma brings to you, the Sacred Sister Circles.

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Connect To Your Inner Witch
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Ritual To Self – Autumn Workbook

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