What is Soul Business Mentoring

Through my most popular 1.1 session the Guidance Medicine Reading®, its become very clear that so many of my clients are struggling with their business because they’re focused purely on strategy and not addressing blocks, beliefs, trauma and the fears.

When you clear your blocks, you align with your soul – you can then manifest with ease and show up fully to your business by living in the flow. Your business is a reflection of you. So as you grow, so does your business.

I wanted to add a further service to my clients to be able to help them develop, so I have launched this – the Soul Business Mentoring programme. A six month package for conscious business owners ready to activate their own super powers, deepen their spiritual self, step into their purpose and attract soul clients that brings in dream opportunities.

I believe that everyone has a purpose and their own super powers which they came here to use. You’re here to impact massively with your work and to be abundantly supported financially for it. When in alignment with your purpose you can manifest your purpose easily.

Who is this programme for?

This is for heart centred business owners, creatives, healers, teachers, psychics, and service based entrepreneurs.  Anyone who is wishing to step into their business more fully, more authentically, grow their audience and expand their income.

Hello, I’m Emma, a witch and spiritual mentor.

I work with people like you who are ready to find purpose and fulfilment in their working life. I’ve supported thousands of women in their more fulfilled life, beginning their career re-alignment journey and moving through their crossroads.

I have ran five different self employed businesses over the years from fashion, to interiors, to creative, to photography to being a full-time Witch.

In two years I have grown a successful soul business with a big following of over 80K, so I am here to share with you my tips I have learnt along the way.

And I’ve been where you are right now several times so I know how it feels to be stuck and unfulfilled. But I also know that it’s totally possible to find your purpose as have I!

“I will help you get clear on your soul purpose and passions, get you on track towards your goals, and help you feel great along the way.”

Hi, I’m Steve, a graphic designer and illustrator.

I have had the privilege of being part of the design industry for over 25 years working with fledgling start up businesses to huge global conglomerates.

It’s such an honour to be able to create visual designs to complement my clients offers and services, helping them launch, refresh or promote their business or products.

Each project is an individual experience, working with intuition and sharing the journey with the client to ensure its a collaboration of ideas which always ends in magical results.

“Working together, we will create a visual language that communicates your unique offer”

What’s included in the Soul Business Mentoring programme

5 One-to-One sessions with Emma focused on your personal journey and growth.

1 personal session with Steve to work on a plan to develop your visual brand.

WhatsApp support to build momentum and share any lightbulb moments (or blocks) along your journey.

Powerful tools to guide your sessions, give you fresh insights, and help structure your thoughts.

A check-in closure to hold you to account with your actions so you can start creating change.

Session notes so we are clear on your actions and to keep us on track with your goals.

The Soul Business Mentoring programme is perfect if you’re…

Tired of going around in circles overthinking things and ready to start taking action.

Curious about spirituality and how it can support you on your career journey.

Looking for sustainable profound change rather than a quick fix.

Understanding the importance of investing in your own growth.

We will help you:

Bring you clear guidance for your path that is aligned to your souls calling.

Help you find clarity and self belief in your offerings.

Honour yourself.

Give you a road map to your life purpose and how you can add that to your super powers to create a business and lifestyle that fires up your heart.

How to tune into your desires and turn them into reality.

How to face your fears and why that’s a good thing!

How to believe in yourself.

Create a brand package with tools for you to use.

Subconscious mindset reprogramming.

Instagram bootcamp.

Reclaim your power!

How to create content from your soul.

Session 1: Guidance

A Guidance Medicine Reading®

Receive unique guidance about you and your path ahead.

Reset your values so you can gain insights on your purpose.

Discover how to find multiple sources of purpose and a new way of manifesting fulfilment in your working life. 

Session 2: Spiritual Self

Connect with a deeper spiritual self.

Find a spiritual practice that is great for your wellbeing.

How to connect to your heart space with ceremonies to self.

How to integrate your business in to your life.

Session 3: Soul Purpose

We look at your own unique superpowers to build confidence and clarity for your business and lifestyle.

Uncover and let go of any fears or limiting beliefs so you can  stop holding yourself back.

How to find your authentic self. Reconnect with your True Self so you can know your self-worth and start showing up more authentically.

Explore the pathways which align to you and your business.

Session 4: Branding

Design a beautiful visual brand that reflects your personal story, style and mission.

Working with our designer to create a new logo and visual identity including colour palettes and use of typography or develop something you already have established.

How to be authentic and conscious as a brand.

Session 5: Growth

Instagram bootcamp.

Learn how to grow on social media with a clear plan for building your audience. 

How to create authentic content that speaks to your clients.

How to expand.

Session 6: Conclusion

A Guidance Medicine Reading® receive unique guidance about the next steps ahead.

Create a plan of action which aligns you to your purpose, reduces overwhelm and brings focus and direction.

How to manifest.

Pricing & payment

Single payment (made in advance of first session)


Six monthly payments of £333 (made in advance of each session)


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Frequently asked questions


This an investment, when you invest money into your growth, you are more likely to show up and do the work. 


A fear of expanding, growing and occupying a bigger and exciting new space in the world. If this type of fear is present, take it as a good sign and don’t let it hold you back from making the changes you know you want to.


You can always book a Guidance Medicine Reading® whenever you wish.


Aside from the sessions themselves, I recommend a month between the sessions to work through any exercises, do the inner work or some journaling. Many of the actions can be integrated into daily life. So there is plenty of time between the sessions to work through what we have taught you.