Voice Note Tarot Readings – £66

Seeking swift, intuitive insights? This offering is perfect for you. Whether you’re seeking guidance or a fresh viewpoint on a specific question or aspect of your life, this convenient option fits seamlessly into your busy schedule while keeping you connected to spiritual guidance.

Ideal for:

  • Quick yes or no answers
  • Navigating career decisions
  • Overcoming personal path challenges
  • Finding direction when feeling lost

Here’s how it works:

  • Booking: Once you book your session, you provide your question or area of focus.
  • Voice Note Reading: Your personalised reading will be recorded via WhatsApp.
  • Delivery: Expect to receive your recorded reading within 5 business days.

During readings, I tap into your guides to deliver insightful answers tailored to your inquiry.

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Please have a clear question in mind when getting in touch.

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Mini Guidance Session

A concise yet impactful offering tailored to provide profound insights and direction in just 30 minutes. Ideal for those not quite ready to commit to a full session or individuals facing specific challenges.

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Soul Aligned Business Mentoring

Enabling heart centred business owners, creatives, healers, teachers, psychics, and service based entrepreneurs to step into their business more fully, to grow their audience and expand their income.

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Disclaimer; I am here to empower and guide you BUT your life is your own creation to make. I can’t do the work for you, it’s is your commitment to yourself to do the hard work.  I believe you already know where it is you need to go and what it is you need to do, I can’t decide for you. I am only your guide on your path  to  find your way home to your authentic self.