Sacred Sister Circles

The intention behind the Sacred Sister circles is to support you in remembering this ancient feminine practice so that you can tap into your power, awakening your intuition, and set intentions that support a life of passion.

There is magic within each woman, and that magic is our power. It is within the Sacred Sister Circle that we feel safe. It is safe to explore the depths of ourselves, to dream, to be seen, heard, and held. In this space, we remember our power, so we can share our stories, fears, and dreams. Life can try to suppress us of our magic so it is time to reclaim our magic and power within.


What does a Sacred Sister Circle include?

A Sacred Sister Circle typically  includes:

  • Opening practice of the intention of the circle
  • Meditation to feel more balanced and grounded 
  • Rituals to gain clarity, inspiration and build a deeper connection within your soul.
  • Journal prompts and Sacred Cacao or herbal tea.
  • Feel more connected to your intuition and uncover those desires and goals. Setting intentions for the upcoming season.
  • Connecting to a sisterhood who are non judgemental, supportive and be a listening ear you may need right now.
  • A closing practice of singing and celebrating.
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How often are the Sacred Sister Circles held?

The Sacred Sister Circles are held around six time per year, each time there is a different theme as it is inspired by nature and the seasons. To hear first about the next Sacred Sister Circle, please sign up to the newsletter.

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Holding your own Sacred Sister Circle

Are you wanting to hold a Sacred Sister Circle with your sisters?

Emma can arrange a unique tailor made Sacred Sister Circle for you and your sisterhood, either in your home or a venue of your choice. Please email Emma to for more details.

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